Electricity is an invisible hero but the most critical element in running a data center. It ensures uninterrupted power for numerous servers and devices. It cleans out power sags, surges, spikes and noises; helping to prevent damage to our sensitive electronic gears.

Another unsung hero is rack PDUs (power distribution unit). They can be as simple as a basic power strip with no intelligence or as advanced as an outlet-level PDU that can remotely monitor, control, and report on the status of every outlet.

In Reach Technology, we design well redundant power systems based on global standards and highly reliable circuits referring to the best market practice.
REACH’s solution in Data Center Power includes
>Rackmount Type UPS
>Modular Type UPS
>External Battery Type UPS
>Battery Monitoring and Maintenance
>Power Distribution System with metering
>Intelligent PDU System
>Power failover solution (ATS and STS)
>Transformer System
>Dummy load testing solution