Environmental monitoring devices are essential to data centers of all size. A well designed, fully automated and real-time monitoring solution significantly reduce the time and cost of tracking and managing IT assets and the environmental conditions that surround them. It provide proactive warning of impending disaster that threatens availability and up-time of your data center and business.

Our solutions can be used standalone or integrated into your existing infrastructure, from Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) or Building Management Systems (BMS) software, Asset Management and other platforms.

Talking about remote access, IP-KVM is a perfect partner in managing tones of server devices, provide operational flexibility without cable distance limitations , the person is not in the room but can still access remote server. Our well tested products allows you quickly grasp the current product trend.

REACH provides
>Environmental Monitoring System (e.g Sensaphone, Picobox, etc)
>Server and Network Monitoring and Access (e.g IP-KVM, Monitoring Control or Gateway, etc)