Rice University Data Center, Carlos Jimenez; room of servers

Data Center is like a brain to a business deserving and demanding top-level attention and tremendous resources from time to time. All the components contained inside a Data Center are all critical facilities; Backup Power, Ventilating & Air Conditioning, Fire Suppression, Environmental Monitoring, Access Controls, and eventually the most crucial and delicate elements were those server data.

While most businesses may not have adequate staffing level in IT, human resources will be way overextended when coming across a need in Data Center Expansion, New-build or Refurbishment. In Reach Technology, you are able to focus your efforts in daily operation duties and rely the design/build process to our very specialised expertise in the market for decades.

REACH’s solution in Data Center Design/build includes
>Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
>Power Distribution System
>Computer Room Air Conditioning System
>Fire Extinguishing System
>Builder Works (Fire Rated Wall and Door)
>Raised Floor System
>Environmental Monitoring System
>IP-KVM and iPDU
>Enclosed Rack and Open Rack
>Hot/Cold Containment Solution