Cooling System is a vital part of a data center. How well the cooling capacity you estimated and how accurate the resources you request from your building ensure the uptime of your data center, endurance of server data, and durableness of the business being supported.

Oldschool approaches are out-of-date, data center nowadays needs cooling approach with containment. This ensure servers take in only cold air; together with other accessories like blank panels, grommets, maintain uptime, provide flexibility to cope with sudden changes in cooling capacity and reduce energy consumption as a whole.

REACH Technology provides:

Computer Room Air Conditioning System (CRAC)
>Air Cooled Type
>Chilled Water Type
>Water Cooled Type
>Hybrid Type
>InRow / In-Line Type

General Air Conditioning System
>Wall-mount Type
>Ceiling-mount Type (Cassette or Duct Type)
>Fan-Coil System

Other Cooling System
>Variable Refrigerant Volume System (VRV)
>Chilled-Water Plant System