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Data Center Design/Build

Data Center

Data Center is like a brain to a business deserving and demanding top-level attention and tremendous resources from time to time. In Reach Technology, you are able to focus your efforts in daily operation duties and rely the design/build process to our very specialised expertise in the market for decades

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the design and installation of a cabling system that supports multiple hardware systems and be suitable for today’s needs and those of the future. We deliver robust structured cabling systems that are equipped to accommodate a multitude of applications including voice, data, video, security and


Heaps of office relocation, data center consolidation, business unit migration happen every week. No matter involving a single server, to an entire data centre/ Office relocation, Reach Technology offers cost-effective technical moves for all types of scale and industries. From de-rack to re-rack, de-commission 


Data Center

所有在數據中心裡的設備都是十分重要, 不間斷電源,通風及空調,消防系統,環境監控和訪問控制系統等,這些都是取決一個好的數據中心最關鍵和最基本的元素。


結構佈線的設計及安裝需支持及配合多種硬件系統的當時及將來的需要。 我們提供強大的結構化佈線系統,可以適應眾多應用,包括語音,數據,視頻,安全等。 從前期勘察至實際實安裝,我們確保您的整個項目在對業務影響最少,利用最佳實踐,交付按時,並在最合乎預算的情況下完成。




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